To Breakthrough or Not Breakthrough.

  By Adam Becker

  I run a prophetic ministry site or otherwise known as personal prophecy ministry.  We often get people who write into us and are at the end of their rope.  They feel beat up and like throwing in the towel.  Life has got them down and nothing is working the way it’s supposed to.  Some of them think its generational curses, others think its demons and some blame God.  When those emails come in, I don’t always know what to tell them.  You want to tell them like so many false prophetic ministers do that breakthrough is just around the corner and that they need to take authority and have faith.  Some may say they need to sow seed to their ministry in order to con people out of money.  I know the fake psychics have a tradition of telling people there is a curse on them and then saying if you give me so much money, I will break the curse and your life will prosper.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it were all that easy?  Just have faith or pay someone to break a curse.  Yes, that would be nice, but it doesn’t always work that way.  While these prophetic ministries and psychics are well-liked for saying such things and giving people hope for many people it’s all baloney. 

  You can’t sow seed to get rich or break a curse and you don’t need to have any more faith.  And no matter what prophet or prophetess so and so says your breakthrough may not be coming.  I know I will not get any likes for this article because I am not telling people what they want to hear but it’s the truth. 

  A lot of people go through bad times, bad things happen to good people.  Despite what the popular ministers and prophets say Christianity doesn’t promise you will be rich and have a problem-free life.  Of course, the ones saying it are rich but that is because everyone they peddle that stuff to loves it and gives them money or opens up opportunities to them. 

  Most of the times we are blessed and attain things through our circles.  By circles, I mean connections of people we know.  If you don’t know that many people, chances are you won’t have a lot of opportunities or blessings come your way.  It isn’t that your cursed or don’t have faith.  You don’t have generational curse problems and your breakthrough is probably not coming till you get some more friends.  Other times people are in situations because of who they are, where they grew up, who their parents were, their lifestyle, a disability, their IQ, their circle, their giftings, their personalities and so much more.  You may be in that situation because you are you.  Because of what you look like, how you talk and walk, you name it it all contributes to the quality of our lives.  A mouse may ask why they are always getting chased by cats and why they always get caught in traps?  The answer is simple its because they are a mouse.  You don’t see a bear getting cased by cats.  You are you and certain things happen to you because of who you are. 

  You can continue in who you are, or you can change it.  You can change things so that you are no longer a mouse.  There are things usually you can do.  But it takes work, lots of work.  But it doesn’t always work for everyone.  Some people can’t change who they are. Maybe they have a disability or factors that hinder them from being able to change things.  Well in that case you may have to stay a mouse, but you can be the best mouse you can be.  That’s right, get good at not letting the cat see you, get smart about mouse traps.  There is hope, you may not get the breakthrough the prophet promised you, but things can get better in those situations.  Change or be the best you can be that is what I do know.  There were people in the Bible that prospered while they were stuck in their situation.  Joseph prospered while being a slave and in prison and others prospered while in captivity.  You may not get out of your situation, but the situation may get look brighter.  Be blessed in all your circumstances whatever they may be. 

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