Prophetic Ministry Doesnt Always Tell You What You Want to Here

Prophetic Ministry Doesnt Always Tell You What You Want to Hear

  by Adam Becker
I minister on it was one of the first prophetic ministry sites by email to do free personal prophecy. I have done prophetic ministry for people and told them accurately about their life and they said it was right but since it wasn’t what they were praying for I must have been hearing from demon’s or familiar spirits. Some actually rebuked me and tried to rebuke the spirits out of me. I have been doing prophetic ministry for years and if you don’t tell people what they want to hear they aren’t happy. But you can only see what God shows you. I remember I was on prophetic teams with John Paul Jackson’s ministry and we sat down to minister to a man and the others on the team were getting bless me words about how much God loved him, wanted to bless him and was going to anoint him. All I kept seeing though was a woman in a white gown coming out of him and going away from him and I felt sadness and that this was very strong so I told him what I saw and felt and he broke down in tears and said his wife is leaving him. God wanted to minister to him about this but I got in trouble and wrote up because the rule was we don’t give prophetic words about relationships. I had no clue about the interpretation of what I was seeing until I said it to the man. But that’s what God was showing me and what he needed. Again, we are not psychics we can only see what were shown and sometimes its not what people want but does that mean its garbage?   

  Some people only want to hear confirmation on what they are praying about but often times that is not what God shows us.  God may not find what their needing confirmation on as important as they seem to think it is.  God may think that other things are important. You just cant please everyone.  If your getting a prophetic word from someone don’t put this demand on them.  Be open to whatever it is that God wants to say because often times it is not what were expecting.  Doing prophetic ministry for people is no cake walk, its work and so many people that volunteer to become a prophetic minister on my site to do prophetic ministry dont last too long because of this. People take them for granted like they are some kind of fortune telling machine but they are Gods servants bringing forth the word of the Lord. Prophetic Ministry Doesnt Always Tell You What You Want to Hear and it shouldn’t.  Don’t always expect it to and don’t always expect to tell people what they want to hear or you will be sorely disappointed.  Be blessed!

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