My Email to an Old Pastor of Mine

Pastor Wayne,  I have come to realize in recent years that I was wrong about prosperity.  I thought that I would be rewarded and blessed for taking Darcy back all those years I did and raising the twins as my own among other things.  I was wrong.  The promise of blessings if you do this or that is old testament.  The New Testament does not promise such material wealth, as a matter of fact, the New Testament speaks against material wealth over and over.  The abundant life Christ mentioned had nothing to do with riches, perfect health and the perfect life.  The abundant life meant that we would have an abundance of life as in eternal life not riches and perfection on earth.  Jesus said to the man who asked what may he do to enter the kingdom of heaven and Christ said sell everything you own and give it to the poor and he also said it is almost impossible for a rich man to enter heaven.  To another who was storing riches on earth and saying tomorrow I will do this or that He called a fool.  We are to store our treasures in heaven not on earth.  The disciples and Jesus were poor, dirt poor.  They were not a success in the eyes of the world and they didn’t own much.  The whole prosperity standard that the Charismatic movement, as well as many Christians, have set forth is dangerous and in error.  We are blessed in our afflictions and lack of wealth as we have Christ and the truth.  We are blessed because the Kingdom is in us not because we are prosperous.  I sought riches and believed I deserved them. I thought that Christians were supposed to prosper and God owes us prosperity and divine health when He doesnt on this earth.  If I am sick and die I do so to the glory of God and rejoice in my sufferings as Christ suffered.  Life is hard, too many Christians seek the American dream and to be rich and have it perfect.  The whole purpose of wealth is to give to others and to bring people into the kingdom.  The early church took up an offering and people gave to it so that wealth could be distributed among them equally so there would be equality among them not someone living high off the hog while others in church lived like a pauper.   All these ministers living better than people in their congregations out to repent and be ashamed as should all the other Christians in the church.  I was wrong to believe in wealth and seek after it and the perfect life.  I thank God that I am poor and nothing as in it I am Christ-like.  If my life of have a disability and being poor doesn’t make people want to become a Christian and hurts my witness I am glad because if my life was perfect I would only be drawing people to Christ under deceit and for the wrong reasons.   Christianity is not about wealth and carefree life and I am blessed to know that.  I pray for others to see that also. 

  Adam Becker

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