Is God Real?

Is God Real?

  By Adam Becker

  I had a conversation with someone yesterday and they knew my story and knew I have had dealings with people who called themselves Christians who weren’t so nice and it has negatively impacted my life.  They said; “why do you believe in God when so many Christians are like that.”  They said; “you go to church and they mess up your life, why believe?”  They also went on to say that God is make believe and the Bible is all fiction.  None of it is real in their mind. 

  While I can agree that Christians can miss the mark and do some really bad stuff, Jesus is not the people who go to church.  Jesus is not the Christians who hurt other people. He is different than them and even I miss the mark sometimes, but I am not Christ.  I know one of the worst serial killers in the USA was a deacon in his church and a pillar.  But that doesn’t mean we throw out God.  People often bring up all the kids dying with cancer and say why would a loving God do that, he is a bully and mean and they say I want nothing to do with Him.  Well it may appear that God is mean in that context but really kids don’t get cancer because of God.  There are other factors involved, there is DNA, environment, health habits and so much more.  God is not a bully and just because Christians are mean, or a kid dies of cancer does not point to God not being real.  

  I really can’t tell you for sure that everything in the Bible is true.  I believe it to be true, but it may not be.  I don’t really know.  I do know there is a God.  I have had so many supernatural encounters and experiences that I know there is definitely a God and He answers prayer as well and answers to the name Jesus.  That is what I do know, and I know that if everyone followed the teachings of Christ in the Bible it would be a better world with less hurt, pain and problems.  I do know that God is real and so do many others who have experienced Him.  Not everyone representing people does the best job at representing.  But does that mean the one they represent is fake?  No, it just means they have bad representatives.  And bad stuff happening to good people does not point to God being mean or fake.  This is our world to run, God lets us run it and lets us do things to each other and affect each other.  We suffer the consequences of others actions as well as our own.  I think people are upset the way the world works and want to blame someone or take it out on someone.  If there is not a God, then the things in this life that they don’t like have no meaning.  If they were to believe there was a God, then they will think it has to have meaning and they don’t want that.  They are too afraid it may mean something negative about themselves.  Or that it will mean rejection.  They just cant handle that.  They are more fragile than the Christians they say are weak and need a crutch. 

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