Do You Want to Be More Spiritual?

Do You Want to Be More Spiritual?

  By Adam Becker

  Spirituality is true wealth in this world and the next, the world says money, wealth and success is the goal, but it really isn’t.  So many people want to be more spiritual, but a lot of people never get there.  There was a time when I was a lot more spiritual and selfless than I am now.  I was having many more spiritual experiences and it seemed like nothing in the natural shook me. 

  As I look back to that time, I see a theme and something I was doing that I stopped doing so much. What was it that led to such spirituality? I was a giver and did not care about material possessions.  I would literally give everything I had away.  Money, things I loved, my only car.  You name it, I gave it away and did not hoard new material possessions.  I had hardly anything and it didn’t bother me one bit.  The lack of material things and me giving everything away made me feel free.  It freed me from this world and helped me to be more connected to the spiritual world and the kingdom of God.  

  You see when you get a material possession it actually anchors you down to this world.  Yes, it pulls you down to the natural world and away from the spiritual world.  The more possessions and wealth you have the more anchored down to the natural world and less spiritual you will be.  It’s just a fact.  The Bible confirms it says; “where your treasure is there your heart will be also.”  If your treasure is on this earth in the natural so will your heart.  Your spirituality will lack, and you will be chained down by stuff.  It’s that simple.  Being spiritual is not that hard, just store your treasures in heaven and in the spiritual realm and not on this earth.  I am not saying to be homeless and live with nothing but don’t let your heart be in the ownership of your home, new car, your prosperous career, or the size of your bank account.  Don’t let the American dream have you.  The Bible speaks many times against material wealth and says to the man who asked what he must do to enter the kingdom of heaven to “sell all you own and give it to the poor.” The disciples and Jesus were very poor.  The money taken as tithes and offerings in the early church was to be distributed to them equally and who has need.  It was taken up so there would be equality among them.  Ministers and people in the church who are living high off the hog while others in the church live like paupers ought to repent and be ashamed of themselves.  Christianity is not about prosperity and wealth.  The true prosperity and wealth is knowing Christ, the truth and the kingdom of heaven being in you.  The abundant life Christ talked about was not about wealth, divine health and the perfect life it was about having an abundance of life as in eternal life.   

  If you want to be more spiritual have your heart anchored down with less of the material and more of the things of God.  It works, I guarantee more peace, happiness, and greater spirituality if you let go of your material things and prosperity and store your treasure in heaven.  Be blessed! 

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