Are We Approaching the End of the World?

Are We Approaching the End of the World?

  By Adam Becker

  It is hard to ignore all the climate change stuff in the news and all the scientific predictions.  Some people do though.  There is a political party that seems to and many Christians do as well.  Conservatives just don’t pay any mind to climate control.  The reports are scary though, I just read a new one that claims that humanity may come close to an end in 2050.  2050 is really not that far off.  Its roughly 30 years from now.  Most of us reading this will probably still be alive as will our children and grandchildren.  The future does not look good according to some reports.  Unlike the song, our future is not so bright that we have to wear shades.  But is it really something to cause alarm?  Should it be taken seriously?  Is the end of the world as we know it soon approaching?

  Well, the end of the world stuff is nothing new to Christianity.  Since the writing of the New Testament people thought the end was near.  Even Apostle Paul believed it was coming soon.  Today many Christians have believed the second coming of Christ is going to happen in their lifetime and there is accepted theology which interprets end time events and what Bible prophecy says that says so.  Should we be alarmed that the second coming may come in our lifetime?  Have Bible teachers correctly interpreted end time prophecy and know how it’s all going to play out.  I would say its unlikely.  All the prophecy about the first coming of Christ was not properly interpreted and they got it wrong why would this time be any different.  It wouldn’t, most of the interpretations that people have of prophecy could be flawed and some has an agenda.  I am not going to get into the political agenda, but it is present.  The real possibility is that the end may not come in our lifetime, it doesn’t matter what Bible teachers and pastor, or evangelist so and so says!  No one really knows for sure.  The second coming of Christ may not happen for a million more years.  And no one has any real proof that it will.  Some people are so consumed with end time prophecy that they forget the main thing we need to worry about and be consumed with is love not when the antichrist will rise or the mark of the beast.  Just love and let God worry about all that. 

  What about climate change then?  Should we be worried?  I think some of the things climate change experts say is logical.  You don’t have to be a genius to know that all this pollution is not good for the environment and that it wasn’t designed to handle it that well.  I think this is cause to pay attention to climate change warnings.  God wants us to take care of the earth so anything we can do to do that should be done.  But we shouldn’t fear.  God is in control; scientists have been wrong before.  I think the last big scare was Y2K.  Everyone was predicting that computers were going to shut down and life as we know it will come to a halt.  Well, the clock struck midnight on new years eve and nothing happened.  Their predictions were off.  The computers just kept right on computing.  That is what this earth may do also.  It may just keep giving us a life-sustaining environment right on past 2050 and that is what I think it will do.  Yes, as I said we should take care of the environment and reduce our carbon footprint but don’t be afraid and don’t plan for doomsday.  I am no scientist and I am not a famous prophet, but I do know we can trust in God.  God loves humanity, He is in control.  Do not let fear give you anxiety about the future.  Just live in the moment and take one day at a time and love.  Don’t let the climate change blues get you down! 

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